How To Do Your first Pull-Up

We all know it, doing pull-ups isn’t that easy. For sure, it can be quiet frustrating, when you can’t even do one pull-up. Don’t be emberassed, we’ve all been there and it can be helped quiet easily. We’ll show you how gain the necessary strength to finally achieve your first pull-up.

Negative Pull-Ups

One way to finally get to your first pull-up, is to implement the negative motion. Basically you hop up on to the bar and then resist gravity as long as you can. Most people are much stronger in the negative part of the movement, so with time you’ll be strong enough to be able to do one or more pull-ups. Our recommendation would be to do 3 sets of 8 repetitions three times of week. So you’ll do this on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you can’t reach the bar by jumping, get a chair and reach it by elevating yourself.

Australian Pull-Ups

Australian Pull-Ups are another great way of improving your pulling strength. If you have a bar available, which is closer to the ground, you can start including them into your routine. Get your hips positioned directly under the bar, then reach up with your hands and apply your prefered grip. Then retract your shoulder blades and pull yourself up until the bar touches your chest. You can adjust the difficulty by lowering yourself or elevating yourself. Our recommendation would be to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions after you have done your negative Pull-ups, which have been explained before.

Tips and Tricks

Many people fail to retract their shoulder blades when executing the pull-up. It is of great importance to start doing them correctly, so that muscle growth can occur. By retracting your shoulders, your lats will develop and it will give you the illusion of having a V-taper.

As you progress with doing more and more pull ups, start adding some weight. Progress is very important in order for you to achieve musce-hypertrophy and strength gain. You should probably keep track of your progress with a notebook or something of the like.


If you need some visualisation, here is a great video of Chris Heria, the founder of ThenX. He is very experienced when it comes to Calisthenics. Here is a link to his You-Tube Channel as well.