Free Calisthenics Routines

Here you will find already made routines for any body muscle you need. Before moving on, we have to identify in which category you fall. Are you a beginner or already an intermediate calisthenics athlete? To help you with the answer, we have put some requirements together.

Requirements for calisthenics routines

 Reps for beginnersReps for intermediate
Push ups1030
Dips0 or few10
Pull ups0 or few8
Pistol squats0at least 1

So, now you know now what are looking for.

Calisthenics routines for beginners

In this section you will find calisthenics beginners routines that will help you getting in the routine and gaining the necessary strength to move to the next level.These beginnersroutines are perfect for people who have been recently introduced to calisthenics workouts and want to experience faster progress. In the beginning of your calisthenics routine it is of crucial importance to focus on the basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and dips. These movements will improve your strength, as they are compound movements. That means that several muscle groups are trained simultaneously. Before you start to train skills or other advanced exercises, you should improve on the basics. By focusing on basic exercises you will gain the strength necessary to progress further.We have classified our routines by muscle groups. Below you will find

  • calisthenics routines for chest/triceps/shoulders
  • calisthenics routines for back and biceps
  • calisthenics routines for legs
  • calisthenics routines for abs
  • calisthenics routines full body

Pick one routine and stick to it for 4 weeks. It is important to track your progress. We would recommend to aquire a notebook, where you note how many reps and sets you did, in order for you to know, if you have improved over a certain period of time

Important: Before starting working out, don’t forget your warm up. Go for a short run or do some jumping ropes, stretch your muscles and do some flexibility/mobility exercises in order to avoid unnecessery injuries.

Rest between exercises: as long as your body needs, usually 1-2 min

Rest between sets: 2-5 min usually

Chest and triceps workout plan

beginner routine for chest

Back and biceps workout plan

calisthenics pull routine

Legs workout plan

Abs routines

good calisthenics routine for abs and sixpack



Calisthenics routines for intermediate

calisthenics chest routine

Another free routines are coming soon! Stay tuned