Calisthenics Equipment

Basically you don’t need anything, really, but some bars and the will to improve yourself on your Calisthenics journey.
Our goal isn’t just to give you some advice on how to train, but to show you how to train in a efficient manner, therefore we’ve decided to put some of our recommendations on training equipment on here.

Equipment Exercises 
Pull Up BarPull ups, Chin ups, Knee Raises, Leg-Raises, ...See more
Dip BarsDips, Knee Raises and Leg RaisesSee more
pull up resistance bandsResistance BandsOptimal for warm up, resistance exercises, shoulder exercises and a lot moreSee more
high quality power towerPower TowerPull ups, Chin ups, Dips, Pull ups, Knee Raises, Leg Raises, ...See more
calisthenics ringsGymnastics RingsPull Exercises, Dips on Rings, Chest Flys, ...See more
jumping ropeJumping ropeJumping ropesSee more

Pull Up Bar

If there isn’t a Calisthenics Park anywhere in your vicinity or if you just want to train at home, a Pull Up Bar is the right choice for you.
A Pull Up Bar allows you to do basic and advanced exercises, for example the Pull Up (duh!), Muscle Up, Various Ab Exercises and many more.
It can be easily attached to your door frame.

Some good equipment (Bestsellers) by Amazon with FREE Shipping on orders over $25 are:

calisthenics equipment  

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 wall pull up bar        wall pull up bar best

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Resistance bands

As the pullup is one of the hardest exercises to execute, and let’s be honest here, it can be really frustrating in the beginning when you’re not able to do a single pullup, we recommend you to buy
some resistance bands.

And even if you can manage to do several pullups, resistance bands are a useful tool to help you learn advanced Calisthenics Movements, e.g. Muscle Ups.
They can be used as a stretching tool as well.
Resistance bands help you to focus more on movements you want to train by taking some of the strain away from your muscles.
Depending on what level you are on right now, we’ll be listing some resistance bands you might be interested in.

resistance bands        pull up resistance bands

from $ 10,99 to $ 29,99           from $ 9,94 to $ 29,89


Dip Bars

The Dip is the most important exercise when wanting to develop a massive chest and triceps. A set of parallel bars is of utmost importance on your Calisthenics journey. If you’re training at home be sure to get your hands on some of these.


             $53.94                                   $89.95


Power Tower

All-in-one included. The power tower allows you to do any kind of Calisthenics exercises. Very good for a strong core too. If you have enough space and money, why not?

stamina power tower           high quality power tower

         $89.45                             $431.98


Jumping Rope

A Jumping Rope is probably on of the best Training tools out there. Training with it not only improves your stamina but burns lots of calories as well. When trying to lose bodyfat the Jumping Rope has proven itself to be very effective.

jumping rope

           $ 10,00

Ab Wheel

Training your core is detrimental in order for you to be able to to more advanced Calisthenics movements. The Ab Wheel helps you target the entire core which will help you in a major way when training for the Front or Back Lever.

3 in 1 Kit with AB Wheel – very good