How To Do Your first Pull-Up

We all know it, doing pull-ups isn’t that easy. For sure, it can be quiet frustrating, when you can’t even do one pull-up. Don’t be emberassed, we’ve all been there and it can be helped quiet easily. We’ll show you how gain the necessary strength to finally achieve your first pull-up. Negative Pull-Ups One way to finally get to your …

How to gain muscle mass

Have you ever wondered how to build muscle efficiently? Then you have certainly come to the right page. In the following article we’ll elaborate on how to gain weight and improve your strength. Exercises In order for you to grow some quality muscle you need to focus on compound exercises. Compound exercises involve two or

Top 5 – Calisthenics Communities/Groups

Calisthenics Movement This duo is very educated in this field, as they are studying Sports in university. If you’re interested in professional advice, consider visiting their site.   @calimove   Calisthenicmovement Calisthenics Unity Calisthenics Unity was founded by Christian Nielsen after he left Bar Brothers. You might know him from his transformation video, which remains one of the best transformation …