The 35 Best Pullup Exercises by Daniel Vadnal

What is a pullup?

Pullup is a upper-body exercise that will involve mainly the back muscles and the biceps.

There are 3 different grips:

  • Pronated Grip (Overhand), known as Pullup Grip
  • Supinated Grip (Underhand), known as Chinup Grip
  • Neutral Grip (“Parallel”): Palms will face each other.

pullup grips

In this article we will show you the best pullup exercises. Try them out!

Pullup Variations

  1. Wide Grip Pullup
  2. Close Grip Pullup
  3. Medium Grip Pullup
  4. Wide Grip Chinup
  5. Close Grip Chinup
  6. Medium Grip Chinup
  7. Tuck L Wide Grip Chinup
  8. Tuck L Close Grip Chinup
  9. Tuck L Medium Chinup
  10. Tuck L Wide Grip Pullup
  11. Tuck L Close Grip Pullup
  12. Tuck L Medium Grip Pullup
  13. L-Sit Wide Grip Pullup
  14. L-Sit Close Grip Pullup
  15. L-Sit Medium Grip Pullup
  16. L-Sit Wide Grip Chinup
  17. L-Sit Close Grip Chinup
  18. L-Sit Medium Grip Chinup
  19. Alternate Grip Pullup
  20. Explosive Pullup
  21. Explosive Chinup
  22. Inverted L Pullup
  23. Tuck Front Lever Pullup
  24. Tuck Front Lever Chinup
  25. Scapula Chinup
  26. Scapula Pullup
  27. Archer Pullup
  28. Archer Chinup
  29. Typewriter Pullup
  30. Tandem Grip Pullup
  31. Chinup Isometrics
  32. Pullup Isometrics
  33. Dyno Pullup
  34. One Arm Chinup Eccentric
  35. One Arm Chinup Isometrics

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