Top 10 – Best Calisthenics Athletes

This is a personal list including our favourite athletes, which have inspired and taught us a lot. There’s no ranking to be made, as already mentioned before, these are the ones we are most familiar with.

Check out their channels and pages if you want.

Vadym Cavalera

vadym cavalera


  Vadym Cavalera Calisthenics

Vadym Oleynik

vadym Oleynik


  Vadym Oleynik

Maksim Trukhonovets

Maksim Trukhonovets


  Max Tr

Daniel Vadnal

Daniel Vadnal



Lazar Novovic

lazar novovic


  Lazar Novovic

Frank Medrano

frank medrano


  Frank Medrano

Hannibal for King

hannibal for king


Dejan “Stipke” Stipic

stipke dejan stipic




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